Your HVAC system needs to be operating at full strength to keep you and your family comfortable. Luckily, the team of experienced HVAC contractors at Diamondback M&E are here to make sure it does just that. Call us today for assistance with any of the following services.

HVAC Services

If you hear a strange sound coming from your HVAC system, or if it doesn’t seem to be working at all, there’s a solution. We’ll get to the heart of the issue, let you know what needs to be done, and get to work on your schedule.

Air Conditioning Services

Is there anything worse than losing your air conditioning during Texas’ hot summer months? Turn this miserable experience into more of a slight inconvenience by immediately calling our Houston AC repair and maintenance specialists! We’ll have your home feeling cool again in no time.


While East Texas is known for its heat, we all know it can get cold way too fast for comfort. If your heating system isn’t operating properly and you are in need of furnace repair, allow us to take a closer look. We’ll get the heat running again so you can relax in comfort.

New Installations

Nothing lasts forever, and sadly, that includes our HVAC systems. If you are in need of a new heating or cooling system, we’ll give you an upgrade you’ll be able to love and afford. Call us now to inquire about our new HVAC installation services.

Preventative Maintenance

If you want additional years of use out of your HVAC system, you’re going to have to take good care of it. The Diamondback M&E team would be happy to service your current system regularly to ensure it remains in top condition all year long.

New Construction

Building a new home means considering how the HVAC system will operate and meet your needs for years to come. We are here to answer those questions and offer solutions.

Get in touch with the Diamondback M&E team to get started.