At Diamondback M&E, we care about your comfort. And the best way to stay comfortable all year long is by scheduling regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit. Our HVAC contractors will ensure that your unit is clear of debris, check your refrigerant levels, and inspect the entire system for leaks, electrical issues, and wear-and-tear damage. It’s better to check for issues routinely and stay on top of any problems that may occur, rather than find out that there is an issue in the middle of summer when you are relying on your air conditioning unit the most. Contact us today to start your regular A/C maintenance.

We understand that even with regular maintenance, sometimes your air conditioning unit can still malfunction. In a state like Texas, there’s no room to fool around with the hot temperatures. Our team of local experts has over 75 years of combined experience to rely on to repair your unit. We will accurately diagnose the problem, discuss solutions, and fix your A/C unit in a timely manner. We don’t want you to be uncomfortable any longer than necessary. Call us today if you need your A/C unit repaired.

If your air conditioning unit is past the point of repair or it just doesn’t make financial sense to fix it, don’t worry — our team of pros are extremely fast at replacing units. Whether it’s selected to cool an outdoor unit or an indoor property, we will help you choose the perfect A/C unit for your needs. Our Houston HVAC contractors will install your new unit and confirm that you are happy with every element of your air conditioning before we even begin to consider our job done. Diamond considers itself as a part of this community, and therefore as a part of your community. We care about your comfort, and we don’t want you to have to suffer in the Texas heat any longer than necessary. Contact us today for a quote on air conditioning installation. 

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